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My name is Christy Moore. I am a missionary through RCE International and am currently serving at CISP in the Czech Republic. I am also in discussions? with an organization in Mongolia to join their summer camp outreach for city children. I’d love to tell you more (click here).

My goal is to …

and encourage others

to do the same.

My Message

God has placed the desire in my heart for people to know that He loves them deeply, personally and unconditionally. He wants to have a personal relationship with them and work through their lives to bring them love, joy and peace.

When we know this love experientially, not just as head knowledge, we find fulfillment and come face to face with our identity and purpose. We find answers to the age old questions, ?Who am I and why am I here??

To know that we are not only wanted, but fashioned for a purpose, brings fulfillment, a life well lived, and, as Third Day sings, ?hope for the helpless, rest for the weary, and love for the broken heart.?

My vision is for all people to know this great love, have confidence in their identity, and find fulfillment in their purpose. In doing so, people will live a life worthy of the calling they have received and free from cycles of defeat and hopelessness.

Core Values


? in Christ, the love He gave and work He does on my behalf


?to share in word or deed


? toward all people and the desire to see them live to their potential


? of an individuals ideas, beliefs and culture

Intrinsic Value

? of people regardless of societal position

Life Purpose

? of each individual as they have goals in their life to fulfill

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