As of today, my children and I have been under quarantine in Prague, Czechia for 35 days due to COVID-19. I don’t know exactly when life will get back to “normal”, but for some, this time away could be a blessing in disguise. While I don’t rejoice in tragedy, for those of us waiting out the storm, it is encouraging to hear that many hear the call to action.


Called to action in a quarantine? Digging deep. Purposely being silent and still. Actively listening for His voice. Making time to put Him front and center.?

In the past month, I have seen the church like a slingshot. Initially it has to be pulled back and put under pressure. However, once it is released, that pressure enables it to fly with more power than before. So lets wait in expectation of the great things the Lord will do through this season.?

During our waiting, the pastors at Prague Christian Fellowship have issued a challenge: #testifynow. Given the InterNET is the main avenue of communication, we can and should use it to be fishers of men. So why not fill the it with testimonies of what God has done in our lives?




In Acts 2:11, Luke writes “We hear them speaking in our own languages about the great deeds God has done.” For many, this years Pentecost coincides with the gradual lifting of quarantine restrictions. Let’s encourage one another to spend this time proclaiming the great deeds God has done in our lives and prepare to reap a harvest when the slingshot is released.

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